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Three Versions of the Novel 

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                                                                About the Novel

A dying genetic engineer writes a confession note. His strikingly beautiful daughter delivers it to an investigative journalist with the Washington Post. He is intrigued by her and the implications of the note. An investigation of the note is interrupted only by their growing passionate and loving relationship. The psychopathic CIA department head of Special Covert Operations is determined to do “whatever is necessary” to keep the confession from exposing the genetically engineered bio warfare creation that caused millions to die.

In the tradition of Michael Crichton, “The Abomination Project” is a novel with a complex mixture of theory, fact, and fiction intricately interwoven into a political thriller that will entertain, surprise, and challenge the reader’s understanding of reality.

                                                           About the Author

Rick Jamrozy, Ph.d. is a retired Psychologist who has had a practice in both Counseling and Organizational Psychology for the past 37 years. He has taken his extensive understanding and experience with the four basic personality types and turned them into realistic and accurately described characters in this gripping and suspenseful novel. Their beliefs, lifestyles, behavior, emotions, and values are all explored in a fictional format. He has internet researched numerous areas like History of Biowarfare and Genetic Engineering, and he seamlessly integrates this research into the story.  


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